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Techno THERMO -50°C UltraGrip

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The Techno THERMO –50°C UltraGrip offers the best comfort, safety and durability in cold environments. It offers

thermal insulation down to –50°C / -58°F. Techno THERMO keeps your feet dry and warm in the coldest working

conditions. The boot is resistant to oils, fats, organic solvents and a variety of chemicals. The UltraGrip SRC outsole

offers superior safety in all conditions. Thanks to the best BASF polyurethane raw material this is the world’s most

comfortable thermo boot. Lightweight, strong, flexible and with a durability 3 to 4 times longer compared to the

traditional pvc and rubber boots. The superior durability offers important cost savings. The orthopedic, removable

footbeds with arch support give you the comfort you deserve. Techno THERMO – 50°C UltraGrip : the best solution

in cold environments. No more heavy or tired legs after a hard day’s work. Techno THERMO has the following

certificates : CE, CSA, S4, S5, SRC (SRA + SRB), CI (cold insulation).

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    Cost savings and value for money guaranteed thanks to superior durability, comfort, safety and very competitive pricing

        SRC outsole (SRA for ceramic surfaces and SRB for metal surfaces) : strong grip for the best safety

        Anti clog – self cleaning outsole with the highest resistance against abrasion

        No braking or cracking in cold temperatures or with extreme temperature changes

        The world’s most comfortable thermo boot for cold environments

        CI : cold insulation certificate -50°C / -58°F

        Techno THERMO boots keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable

        Removable orthopedic footbeds for extra comfort


        Antibacterial inner liner

        Manufactured with the best BASF polyurethane raw material

        Thick outsole : extra high thermal insulation for extra warm feet

        Kick-off spur : take your boots off with ease

        Extra light : energizes your feet

        Flexible soft touch material : perfect fit

        Easy to clean


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