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Techno S5 Safety boots

Reference: CMF GB WS5


These boots are guaranteed to offer you the protection and support where it is needed and comfort as there are lightweight, supple and flexible material.



• SRC outsole (SRA for ceramic surfaces and SRB for metal surfaces) : strong grip for the best safety even on wet


• Anti clog/self-cleaning tread pattern which helps spit out any debris, mud, food pieces, stones, as you walk

• Red TPU supported self-cleaning sole tread pattern for the best ant slip ratings and longer durability

• Red TPU area improves outsole performance by 10 %

• Cost savings and value for money guaranteed thanks to superior durability, comfort, safety and very competitive pricing

• Including 1 free pair of orthopaedic, washable, antibacterial, removable foot beds with arch support and a shock absorbing Heel cushioning effect

• No braking or cracking in cold temperatures or with extreme temperature changes

• Manufactured with the best BASF polyurethane raw material

• Outsole designed for stability and grip in all terrains

• Antistatic

• Antibacterial inner liner

• Kick-o­ spur: take your boots of­ with ease

• Abrasion resistant outsole

• Extra light: energizes your feet – all day wearer comfort

• Flexible soft touch material : perfect fit

• Easy to clean

• CI : cold insulation certificate - 30°C / -22°F

• 100 % waterproof for warm and dry feet

Lightweight thermal wellington work boots


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