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Dunlop believes that good product design is not a compromise between form and function but rather a synergy! They have now created the most complex designs that mutually increase comfort, protection and aesthetics. We have you sorted whether you want to take a stroll in the park or work in extreme environments. Dunlop boots with more than 100 years of experience can offer you the product range that will meet almost every need there is.


They are widely used within agriculture, fisheries, food processing, construction, oil & gas mining and many more industries. You can be sure that all boots are produced to the highest standards, using the latest technology and the most advanced material available today. We empower the world's workers with our footwear. Years of tradition precede the current Dunlop boot. They are the leading global manufacturer of protective footwear. we provide comfortable and protective footwear for you, the workers in Agriculture & Fishery, Food processing, Industry and the Oil, Gas & Mining industry.

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