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This brand is our wide selection of hand protection that is suitable for all manner of different applications. Our wide range of the shells and coatings cater for every conceivable application. You can offer staff warmth, grip, and durability with protection from heat, cold, mechanical, chemical, and cutting hazards.

We can cater to a wide range of work gloves for general purposes including gardening, bricklaying and construction, rough handling, scaffolders, factories and warehousing and many more applications.  Our range of working gloves also includes quality hide leather models that are extremely tough and will take some real stick.  These are popular with many gardeners and landscapers as the tough hide is thorn-proof and good for pruning. We offer a broad selection of coated working gloves. We currently stock PVC gloves. This is a coated liner glove but coated with PVC. This is the leading hand protection range. 

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